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Feng Shui Reasons Behind Haunted Houses


Feng Shui Master : You say your mum and you suffer from restless sleep and frequent nightmares? And both of you even see or hear “ghosts”? And you have a strange lung issue, which, even the medical doctors, cannot properly diagnose what the cause of the lung issue is?

Client : Yes. Can you find out if these sleep issues, nightmares and strange sickness and strange encounters are caused by our home Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Master : Hmmm…this is strange….based on the degree shown on the Feng Shui Compass, your flat’s sitting orientation is a good one.  Even your sleeping locations are good spots where they should not cause nightmares and illness.  (Base on Feng Shui Compass, the LuoPan, Property is Sitting on South, facing the North)

Client : But we are really suffering from the situations we mentioned. And it had been many years (8-9 years since we moved into this flat) of sufferings on restless sleep, nightmares and strange happenings.

Feng Shui Master : Let us do another type of measurement, using a Sundial. We will capture the shadow cast by the sun, and convert it into the degree of orientation of the flat. This measurement will be totally free of electromagnetic influences. It is a sun reading.

Client : Ok.

Feng Shui Master : Wow! From the sundial reading, it is 61 degree different from the compass reading. This is a huge difference, which is very unusual.  What’s more, from the sundial reading, the property is actually sitting on the Void Line zone.

Void Lines are terms used in Feng Shui, and they are indicated on a Feng Shui Compass, the LuoPan. Energies in the void line zone are usually unstable and they can fluctuate from one flying star chart to another. Such unstable energy fields within the home, often create the energetic space where non physical entities find easy to reside in.

Based on the sundial reading, it shows that your home is sitting on the void line between the borders of South-West and West direction. We now have nailed down the causes of your restless nights, consistent nightmares, ill health and possibly the strange encounters too. The locations that you have slept in were either holding the energies of 25 or 52.

25 and 52 are flying star numbers. 2 represents the energy of illness while 5 represents the energy of calamity.  Together, they are quite a disastrous pair. From our experiences, many clients experience frequent nightmares and perpetual illness when they sleep in locations with 25 or 52 energies.

Client : So how? Can the void line issue be remedied?

Feng Shui Master : Yes, it will involve the need to tilt doors. Since this is a rental flat and your new flat is coming next year, we do the implementation in different stages. First, we relocate sleeping locations and sofa location out of 25 and 52 energy. Relocation needs to be done on Auspicious Date and Time to see fast results and ensure effectiveness of the shift. Our first priority is to get you out of bad energy space for speedy recovery of your health situation, and to improve sleep quality. Then, we monitor the situation and see if the strange “ghostly encounters” still persist, before we decide if you should go ahead with tilt door.


Do You also have some Strange Encounters at Home or in Your Office? Are You also plague with Persistent Bad Health? Share it with us here.

Is it time to get a Proper Feng Shui Audit to check if the causes of these strange encounters are in Feng Shui?

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