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Enhance Your Personal Luck

What is Luck?

Luck is defined as “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.” Based on this definition of Luck, do you think that one can still influence or enhance one’s Luck? If the attraction and results are really by chance, why are there so many people still seeking to enhance their luck?

Let us attempt to break down the elements contributing towards one’s luck. When we are able to identify the elements that contribute to Good Luck, we may be able to effectively influence and enhance our luck.

Luck & The Law of Attraction

From my personal understanding, what many deem as “Luck” can also be explained by the Law of Attraction. Our state of being, our thoughts and also our feelings & emotions directly influence what we attract into our life.

Those who are new to The Law of Attraction may attribute all happenings in their life to chance or luck. For those who are not new to The Law of Attraction would know that every single event and happening in our life is the direct attraction of our states of being, our thoughts, our emotions and our energies.

Personal Energy Level

People with good luck are the ones who are feeling good about themselves, and they are positive in their thinking patterns, their energy level are usually high and vibrant.

On the other hand, people who are down on their luck often feels lousy about themselves, their situations and circumstances in their life. They are likely to have repeating patterns of negative thoughts and experience negative emotions most of the time and their energy level are usually low.

Contributing Elements of Good Luck

The key elements that contributes towards Good Luck include:

1. Our Thoughts

2. Our Feelings and Emotions

3. Our Personal Energy Level


Look out for my next post as I share some case studies of how people are raising their personal energy level and automatically uplifting their feelings and emotions and also their thinking patterns.



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