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Politics and Feng Shui

Singapore Feng Shui
Eventful 2015
2015 is a very eventful year for every Singaporean….sending off our most respected Founding Father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, followed by our Nation’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, and now, we are into our General Election!
Why they choose to […]

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Five Elements & Business Industries

The 5 Elements and Business Industries
Metal Element industries include finance, banking, jewellery, gold, iron, metal industry, car, computer, security, military, weapons, surgeon, knife, cutlery, fengshui, etc….
Water Element industries include travel, transportation, import & export, cold room business, temporary storage, logistics, […]

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Colors & Business Feng Shui

Colors That Help You Apply Feng Shui to Your Business Logo
We are visual people and gather more from what we see than what our other senses pick up. This is applicable both to our personal and professional life. Now, when […]

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Business Feng Shui Tips Every Business Owner Must Know!

The story of a real live Feng Shui audit case went like this….
Feng Shui Master : Do you know why the existing business owner wants to give up this restaurant business?
Client : He says he is too old and would […]

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