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Struggling with your business even after working hard, day & night? Consider exploring Feng Shui as your business solution! Find out more about our services here!

Residential Feng Shui

Residential Feng Shui is extremely important in promoting good health, harmony & longevity for your family & loved ones. Find out more about our services here!

Personal Feng Shui

Do you need help & advice in making progression and moving forward in life? Practicing personal Feng Shui could help! Find out more about our services here!

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Latest Blog Posts

Feng Shui – Beginning of Spring (立春)

Feng Shui Li-Chun (立春)
The rain tree near my home is blooming once again. Many flowering plants will start flowering and blooming in the time of spring. In Feng Shui, we are particular about 4 February, as it marks the beginning […]

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Auspicious Feng Shui Date & Time


The Key To Successful Feng Shui Implementations
The success of every feng shui strategy applied lies in the auspicious date and time of implementation!
The annual flying stars energies will change with effect from 4 Feb 2016, 17:46hrs.  Your will need to […]

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