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Personal Feng Shui Services

Apart from commercial and residential services, there are also many other areas where Feng Shui consultation could play an important part in ensuring that things goes smoothly for yourself.

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Overseas Consultation

Bear in mind that Feng Shui is important no matter where you are! If you are planning on buying экскурсия по фортам Кронштадта properties or expanding your business outside of Singapore, don’t worry, we are still more than happy to help you out.

To facilitate the consultation, we will provide onsite assessment to review prospective locations, the energy of the area and the compass direction of your property.

We will travel to your stated location and attend the overseas consultation personally to ensure optimum Feng Shui consultation for you.

Personal Destiny Consultation

Have you ever come across some people who seems to turn everything they touch into gold? And others whom seem to turn everything they touch into stones? Have you ever wondered what could possibly make that difference? Could it be their education? Or their Luck?

Would you like to have more knowledge about your personal life destiny to chart your life according to your personal luck cycles? Once we know our luck cycle, we know when to expand and when to conserve. This is one of the ways to success in life – knowing thyself.

Know Your Direction Through Divination Help

Throughout Chinese war histories, many emperors had engaged the helped of divination to win wars. There are a few ways divination can be done. One of the hottest in the market place right now is called Qi Men Dun Jia divination.It was commonly used in wars throughout Chinese history. A trained reader will read the Qi Men charts, determine the current situation and predict the possible outcomes.

The other common way of divination is through the Tarot card reading. Unlike Qi Men Dun Jia, where the reader relies on chart and the technical relationships of the various characters shown, a Tarot Card Reader is an Intuitive Reader. The Tarot Card Reader will perceive the energies of the subject through the cards that the subject has drawn. It is like getting an interpreter for our personal energies system and translating the information into words that we can understand and comprehend.

When you are at cross roads and unsure of which way to go, it is the time to call us for a session of Tarot Card Reading. In a Tarot session, the reader bypasses the workings of the conscious minds and tap directly into your energetic fields, to provide you with intuitive information that has been crowded by your conscious mind.

Enhance Your Personal Luck & Health through Shifting Personal Energy

Changing a person’s luck and health is not restricted to aligning the environmental energies only. It takes the collaborative efforts of aligning environmental energies with adjusting personal energy system. There are may ways and means to adjust a person’s energy system. Adjusting a person’s energy system can be as simple as changing our thinking patterns to as deep as re-programming our cellular memories. Check out how we help clients shift their personal energy system here.

Enhance Your Personal Luck & Health through Live Graves

You can enhance Your Personal Luck & Health by Building A Live Grave. Live Grave is one of the most closely guarded secret in any Feng Shui traditions. Many celebrities in Hong Kong and Taiwan have already used Live Graves to enhance their lives. Live Grave holds the key to Quantum Jumps in your life. Contact us at for more information on Live Graves.

Columbarium Niches Selection

Niche Space Selection: Selecting auspicious columbarium niche space for greater blessing for the passing.

Tomb or Burial Feng Shui

Do you know that ancient chinese have a long history of using ancestor graves to provide good Feng Shui for their decendants? Similarly, bad ancestor tomb Feng Shui can also create disastrous effects on the decendants. If you have ancestors whom are buried, wouldn’t be worth your while to check how their grave Feng Shui is affecting you?