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Politics and Feng Shui

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Eventful 2015

2015 is a very eventful year for every Singaporean….sending off our most respected Founding Father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, followed by our Nation’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, and now, we are into our General Election!

Why they choose to go into politics? What is their Deepest Intention?

As I watch some of the GE rally speeches, I started to wonder what is the deepest true intention of each and every candidate standing in for the GE? Why are these people choosing to be in politics? For personal gains and personal favors? For a fat pay cheque? For fame? For their beliefs? For their ideals? For power? or For the People?

What is the Truth? Where is the Truth?

While each party make their points in their rally speeches, and calling out the faults of their competition, I realised that the truth of the matter is often far from what these folks are presenting on their stages. It is hard for a commoner citizen to be fully informed of the facts of the cases, as we will never be granted access to vet the documentary evidences….

The Truth Lies in One’s Heart…where the Deepest Intention can be felt…

As such, it is very tough for the citizens to know who to vote for. For this matter, I realised that I cannot rely on the information or the “selected facts” that are presented by any of the parties. However, what I could do is, I could switch from my analytical mind into my heart center and feel who is really speaking from their hearts. The ones who speak from their hearts are often the ones who truly cares for the people and are doing it for the people. The underlying deeper intention of each candidate can be felt at the heart level, their deepest true intentions cannot escape the listening hearts of the citizens.

Politics and Feng Shui Industry

At this point in time, I cannot help but see such similarities in the Political front and in the Fengshui industry.  Every fengshui practitioner makes some claims and justifications for the fengshui theories that we practise and apply. As a consumer, it is almost impossible to know which fengshui practitioner is telling the truth. For all you know, every fengshui practitioner is telling their truth as they know it.

How Do you Choose a Fengshui Practitioner?

Forget about trying to compare the facts and the fengshui theories used by various practitioners, unless you have studied fengshui in depth as well. Each system of fengshui has its own merits and shortcomings. There isn’t a perfect fengshui theory or solution that can solve all problems. As fengshui practitioners, we are often upgrading our skills as well. What you can do is to use your heart to feel, feel the intentions of each fengshui practitioner that you come across.

Intention Intention Intention

A good politician, who can truly serve the people, is one who has a deep intention to serve his/her people. Similarly, a good fengshui practitioner is one whose deepest intention is to serve the people.  As fengshui is a very deep and complex topic to master, it is also an area where it is very easy for practitioners to take advantage of the consumers for personal financial benefits.  It is a very common practise in the fengshui industry, where practitioners would create expensive products as solutions to fengshui problems, which could easily be solved or remedied by simple natural solutions such as painting the wall a different color.

Listen with Your Heart & Choose Wisely

We are only 3 days away from 11 Sep 2015, listen keenly with your hearts and choose wisely as you cast your votes. If you happen to be looking for a fengshui practitioner to advise you on your fengshui, listen keenly with your hearts and choose wisely too….


May all Singaporeans identify and support the ones who deeply intent to serve us truly….

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