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Seeking Inner Peace in A Chaotic World



Struggling to Keep Up

In modern living today, we are constantly bombarded by heavy work load and family demands and trying to strike a balance. Our true being is often buried under the weight of the demands in our life, such as making a living, securing a promotion, increasing our income , buying a new car, upgrading to the next bigger home, getting our kids to score another mark more in their tests….. always struggling to keep up with what life has thrown on our paths…..does this sound somewhat familiar in your journey of life as well??


Inner Peace within Chaos , But Not Everyone Has The Time

Some of us may know that inner peace can be found when we slow our pace and settle down our mind, hence if we can, we may choose to go on long meditation retreats. Unfortunately, not everyone has the the time to go on long retreats to rest our minds and heal our hearts. Our family and work commitments often are the two biggest road blocks to our inner peace. Who doesn’t know that if we have the time to go to the Himalaya and meditate everyday, we will be well? But can we? Can you?

Another big challenge that city dwellers have with meditation is the inability to sit quietly and keep our minds clear. The moment we sit down, our minds starts thinking about problems, trying to find solutions to our problems and planning….planning what needs to be done, what to eat, where to go, when to do…etc…


Inner Peace , Better Attraction, More Opportunities , More Money

So, why am I talking so much about seeking inner peace in a feng shui website? Well, our luck and our point of energy attraction will determine the opportunities we bring into our lives and the amount of money we can make. Being in a state of stress and chaos will not only affect the quality of our health, it will able reduce the money opportunities that we can attract into our life, then we call it the “bad luck phase”.


Bringing Inner Peace from Himalaya to Right Here

While we may not be able to create Himalaya in the concrete city of Singapore, we can always engage other effective methods of stress release to arrive at our inner peace right here in Singapore! Yes, it is the Trinfinity 8 system that I am referring to. For the busy and active minded people who is not able to slow our mind down to meditate in the stressful settings of Singapore, the Trinfinity 8 system provides a very good alternative way to release stress, bringing us to our inner peace and enhancing our energy level.


Effective Stress Release

“The Trinfinity 8 system is very effective. I experienced a big release from my months of pent-up work and family stress after just one session of Trinfinity 8 system.” eric, Engineer

“After one session of Trinfinity 8 session, I am surprised that I feel so good and energized. I travel a lot for work and will do Trinfinity 8 sessions to help me release stress from work travels.” Ms Tan, Sales Manager


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