Provide Your Family & Yourself With Only The Best Living Environment With Our Exclusive FAQ Ebook Guide for New Home Owners

In this FAQ ebook, Fengshui Lady Master Dorisq Tan directly addresses every new home owners' concerns that comes with the exhausting process of moving into a new, unfamiliar environment.  Providing simple, detailed solutions and suggestions that can instantly improve the energy and harmony of your home.

Tap Into The Power of Your Home and Discover How To: 
✔️ Create a beautiful harmony of energy  and comfort in your own home
✔️ Optimize your living space suited to your  family and your own needs and lifestyle 
✔️ Select the best dates and times during different phases of your move-in process to ensure you start your new chapter in life on the right note

What People Are Saying!

  • "My Relationship With My Clients Became Easier and Faster & My Sales Doubled From Previous Years!"  
    - Mr Jullai, Entrepreneur
  • "My Wife's Health Got A Lot Better & We Have Lesser Conflicts With Better Communication." 
    - Mr Alekz Tan, Shipping Manager

Clear Your Doubts About Moving In To Your New Home & Understand The Importance of Certain Fundamental Fengshui Concepts With Our Lady Master Dorisq Tan Now! 

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Everything You Need To Know About The Move-In Process: 
"Do we need to select the date and time to move into the property?"
"If our interior designer and Fengshui Master give us conflicting information, what should we do?"
"Is there any particular move-in procedure that we should follow?"
And Many More...
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