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Feng Shui For Singapore Homes


There are many factors that determine the level of positive Feng Shui energy in our office space and we offer a full range of residential consultation services for you.

Here are some basic advice that you should keep in mind when it comes to Feng Shui in your home.

Ideal Property Selection

Strictly speaking, proper Fengshui setup starts from the right selection of property. By right selection of property, we mean that one should select properties that are built in accordance with its natural land form.

Auspicious Main Door

The next factor that we look at will be the location of the main door of the subject property. The main door determines the type of energy that enters the subject property, hence we can never over emphasize the importance of an auspicious main door.

Smart Organisation

The third factor will be the organization of rooms within the house. Where to locate what rooms and which rooms are more suited for which occupant of the subject property. Where the room doors are located for each room and how the energy flows from the main door into the each of the rooms.

Only after considering the above 3 macro factors, then we will zoom into the organisation of the items in the bedroom. The main and most important item in any bedroom would be the location of the bed.

Location of Your Bed

We spend approximately 6 to 8 hours a day sleeping or resting in our bed. In other words, we spend approximately a third of our life in our bed. It is very important for one to be sleeping in a location where the energies nurtures and rejuvenates the person while he or she is resting.

So, how can the occupants be impacted by where they sleep? If a bed is located at a space of illness energies, the occupants who sleep in that location would experience low energies and may often fall sick. If a couple is sleeping in a location with old energies, they will often be too tired to have any itimacy, hence may experience problems with conceiving babies. Some couples may be sleeping in locations where chances of miscarriages are higher, may have to go through multiple unsuccessful pregnancies. Appropriately harnessing on auspicious energies, couples can experience healthy bedroom intimacies and conceive babies easily.

Where the occupants sleep will also affects their career performances and their attraction of wealth. There are locations with energies of wealth or energies of career advancements. There are also locations with energies that may attract inappropriate extra marital affairs.

With above examples, you will be able to have a good sense of how important the role of bedroom Feng Shui and the Feng Shui of the entire house plays in the occupants’ life.


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