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Change Your Feng Shui Luck

一命,二运,三风水, 四积德, 五读书

There is a Chinese saying that goes “一命,二运,三风水, 四积德, 五读书”. Literally translated as “First is Your Destiny, Second is Your Luck, Third is Your Feng Shui, Forth is The Good Deeds That You Accumulate and Fifth is Your Education”.

Destiny can simply be defined as the Date and Time of your birth. Hence, it is hard to make changes to your destiny. Despite the claims made by some practitioners that they are able to change the bazi, or the date and time of birth, for people, the fact remains that we are not able reverse time and be born on another day or another hour.

To change our life, instead on focusing on changing our destiny, which may potentially be a fruitless pursuit, we might as well focus our efforts in enhancing our Luck and manipulating our Fengshui to influence our life experiences. Of course we should also not forget to do the last two items of accumulating good deeds and continuously educating ourselves for evolution.


Let us take a closer look at a few ways to Change Our Life:

1. Change Our Environment Energy

– Home Feng Shui

– Office Feng Shui

2. Change Our Personal Energy

– Live Grave

Personal Energy Shifts