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Try looking in the monthly archives. July 2015

Five Elements & Business Industries

The 5 Elements and Business Industries
Metal Element industries include finance, banking, jewellery, gold, iron, metal industry, car, computer, security, military, weapons, surgeon, knife, cutlery, fengshui, etc….
Water Element industries include travel, transportation, import & export, cold room business, temporary storage, logistics, […]

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Colors & Business Feng Shui

Colors That Help You Apply Feng Shui to Your Business Logo
We are visual people and gather more from what we see than what our other senses pick up. This is applicable both to our personal and professional life. Now, when […]

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Feng Shui Design- False Ceilings

False Ceiling for Lighting
False ceilings are commonly used in modern home design to contain down lights or create additional lighting with hidden fluorescence tubes. These false ceilings may also cause the same issues as beams if it cuts across beds […]

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Feng Shui Design – Beams over Ceiling

Designer Beams
Another common problem in designing bedrooms or living rooms in homes with Balinese Design concept is the use of wooden beams across ceiling to mimic the real Balinese houses. Such wooden beams across ceilings as part of design theme of […]

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