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Try looking in the monthly archives. April 2015

Feng Shui Q&A for New HDB Owners Receiving Your Keys

This morning, I was answering some questions for a young client. He will be receiving the keys to his New HDB soon. After answering his questions, he is happy and asked if he can share the information with his friends. So […]

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Business Feng Shui Tips Every Business Owner Must Know!

The story of a real live Feng Shui audit case went like this….
Feng Shui Master : Do you know why the existing business owner wants to give up this restaurant business?
Client : He says he is too old and would […]

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3 Vital Bedroom Feng Shui Tips That You Must Know

Home is where you live and spend a large part of your time. It befits that you should spare much thought as to the relevant and elegant decoration of the different rooms of your home. Feng Shui ordains proper channeling […]

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3 Feng Shui Tips for Better Energy in A Challenging Office Space

When there is a lot of space to maneuver in your office room, there is a natural impetus to your creativity and feeling of freedom. However, when that space gets thwarted and you are placed in a cubicle or even […]

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