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Feng Shui Q&A for New HDB Owners Receiving Your Keys

This morning, I was answering some questions for a young client. He will be receiving the keys to his New HDB soon. After answering his questions, he is happy and asked if he can share the information with his friends. So I thought I should type the information out and share with you on my blog too….

Question and Answer for New HDB Owners Receiving Your Keys

Qn 1 : Does Feng Shui Master need to go onsite to check the Feng Shui?

Ans : Yes, Feng Shui needs to be performed onsite. There are many things that a Feng Shui Practitioner do during an onsite inspection. Firstly, exact measurement of property orientation needs to be determined onsite, using a Feng Shui compass called a LuoPan. A more experienced Feng Shui Practitioner will also obtain an alternative measurement using the sun’s shadow. Sun shadow measurement, although is more cumbersome to perform, will provide a totally electromagnetic and magnetic influence free reading. The need for electromagnetic free reading is gaining importance as we are living in an environment where we cannot totally be free of such influences.

Besides obtaining exact orientation of property, a trained Feng Shui Practitioner will also need to observe other environment factors, such as incoming road, slope of the road, road junctions, land form, energy flow, etc… A large part of setting up the Feng Shui of any property depends on the land form factors.

Qn 2: Do we need to select date and time for renovation and move in?

Ans : Date and time selection is needed to initiate renovation to get an auspicious start and more importantly, to ensure that renovation is smooth and safe. Starting on bad timing may potentially cause injuries and delays to renovation process. Official move in date and time to stay is even more important to be carefully selected. This selected date and time will connect house energies to occupants, so tat occupants can receive the good 气 (qi) (energies).

Effective date and time selection will be able to tie earth qi (house energies) to human qi (occupants’ date of birth). An effective date selection can only be done with exact orientation (degree) of the house, which we need to be determined on site.

Qn 3 : Can we do renovation or move in during the Chinese Lunar 7th Month?

Ans : We are applying San Yuan Xuan Kong System of Feng Shui, hence the date selection must also be San Yuan Xuan Kong System of Date Selection to be effective in Activation. In San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection, the Chinese Lunar 7th month is not an issue. Feng Shui studies the energy flows and the energy interactions.

The Chinese Lunar 7th month being commonly known as the “Ghost Month” belongs to religion or religious beliefs and practices, which may or may not be true. I am not in the best position to comment on ghosts and spirits because I personally cannot see them, so I am not sure if in the Chinese Lunar 7th month, are there more ghost and spirits released from hell or not. But I suspect it is a belief and when enough mass consciousness focus on the same belief, people’s awareness of the belief tunes themselves to see or feel more things around during theat period.

If clients do not mind, in the Chinese Lunar 7th month, there usually are good dates n times that we can start our renovation or even move into the property. In fact, you may even be able to negotiation down your renovation price since it is usually the low season for renovation contractors. However, if client is uncomfortable due to religious beliefs, we will respect their belief and avoid using that month.

In conclusion, the Chinese Lunar 7th month is not an issue from the perspectives of Feng Shui Practitioners whom do not mix religious beliefs and religious faith with the scientific Feng Shui study and practices of balancing energies.

Qn 4 : Do I need to select date and time to open my new home for the first time?

Ans : Many people do their own date selection or consult with others for date selection using Tong-Shu, a yearly red book that contains a lot of interesting information and for date selections. Others may choose date by flipping their calendar to see if 吉 (Auspicious) or 凶 (Inauspicious) for moving house.

These methods are too generic as they do not take into considerations of property sitting (which is the earth qi) and human date of birth (which is the human qi ). Purpose of date and time selection is to ensure the link between earth qi n human qi is built. That link is the selected date n time (which is the heaven qi). Heaven, Earth n Human qi forms the Trinity of success.

To select date of opening the house for the first time is not meaningful if one does not know the exact sitting degree of their property yet. Any dates selected without the input of exact property sitting may or may not serve its purpose, depending on pure luck.

So, in the actual practice of Feng Shui, we usually control the starting date and time of renovation and the Official Move-In date and time. It is hard to control the date and time of first seeing the property. We focus on what we can control and execute it well, this alone will be enough.

Hope the above information is useful for you in some ways…may you always have a joyful home to return to everyday.

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