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3 Feng Shui Tips for Better Energy in A Challenging Office Space

When there is a lot of space to maneuver in your office room, there is a natural impetus to your creativity and feeling of freedom. However, when that space gets thwarted and you are placed in a cubicle or even a small open space, you feel bogged down and chained. There is an impression of compromise and you cannot perform at the best of your productive levels. Through Feng Shui principles, you can make the most of it (your challenged office space) and try to remain in good spirits and thrive. Here are three tips which should help you trail the blaze.

Use Compartments To Create More Positive Energy Sectors

Many offices adopt the open concept in organizing their work spaces, to create the impression of larger office space for the employees and visitors. Despite successful in creating the feeling of bigger space, a large open office setup, often has limited positive energy sectors for the people to operate in.

In Feng Shui, Energies are described as Flying Stars. There are nine flying stars, each star characteristics serve as the descriptions for the energies that exist in any particular sectors. The interactions of different energies that exist in any sector can be understood through the combination of stars within the same sector.

Compartmentalization is the way to manipulate the energies that exist in any enclosed space. Compartmentalization is achieved by dividing a large space into different rooms. In this way, we can create more positive energy sectors, where we can locate people to operate their work activities in.

For example, in a large open office, we may only have 3 out of 8 sectors, which are suitable for employees to operate their work from. Some employees may be located in poor energy sectors and report sick more often. We can divide the big office into different compartments to create more good energy spots for employees and enhance work performance and productivity significantly.

Harmonizing the Energies through Colors

Some sectors may have the existence of desirable good energies and at the same time, the good energies could also be limited or conflicted by negative energies. The common Feng Shui remedies would be to harmonize the energies. One of the very effective and yet natural looking way engaged by many Feng Shui Practitioners would be, to use colors to represent the missing element(s), which can help in resolving the conflicts between good and bad energies by connecting them in a flowing producing cycle.

The five categories, or five elements, are namely Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.

Metal is primarily represented by White color and Metallic colors such as gold, silver or stainless steel colors. Water is primarily represented by the color Black. Different shades of Blue or Grey can also represent Water element. Wood element can be represented by different shades of Green color. Fire element is commonly represented by Red or the res series of colors. Earth element is commonly represented by Yellow color.

Understanding the way energies interact and connect through the eyes of five elementals is very useful for anyone who is designing the office. The addition of a colored wall could potentially reduce the amount of arguments within the office. Seek the advice of qualified feng Shui Consultants to have a full picture of how to use colors to solve challenging energies within your office.

Convert the Bad Enemies into Useful Friends

The highest form of Feng Shui practice is to Convert Bad Energies into Useful Support to achieve your desired goals.

Energy is energy. There is no good or bad energies. However, this point may create a conflict in your understanding about energies. We categorize energies into Good energies and Bad energies based on whether the energies can help and support us or to destroy us.

Illustrating this point in the flying star system, we all know that the Five Yellow star represents very powerful energies which can cause sudden losses and even sudden accidents and sudden death. As such, 90% of Feng Shui practitioners would choose to totally avoid the destructive energies of Five Yellow.

However, when you meet an experienced Feng Shui Practitioner, he or she will be able to convert this potentially destructive energy of Five Yellow into an allied force, leveraging on the powerful energy forces to boost up the magnitude of achieving your targeted goals.

The Key to the Success in such high level Feng Shui remedies rest heavily on the use of the Right Date and Right Time of implementation. Always seek the help of a qualified Feng Shui Consultant before you execute any Feng Shui Remedies.


The above three pointers should help you see possible solutions in your official capacity even if you have a challenging space to work from. There are very few bad office space that bring bad business. Most office spaces can be energetically tuned up for optimal support towards your business successes. Let your office space limitations not that be a hindrance to your business success. Resort to Feng Shui and find the potential resolutions awaiting you.

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