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Personal Energy Boost



Enhanced Energy & Secured Good Job

“I had been on a low morale with little sales in insurance for a few months. After the physical Trinfinity 8 session I had with you, I feel positive and started to feel that life is full of opportunities. After 3 weeks from the physical and remote sessions that you ran for me, I secured a very good sales job offer! I am very happy and feel that the Trinfinity 8 sessions really helped me clear my negative energies and bring me closer to luck and opportunities.  My heartfelt gratitude for introducing me to Trinfinity 8!  Thank you so much!” Ms Felicia Poh, 12 Aug 2015 


Smoother Sales Presentation

“Thanks Dorisq, after the Trifinity 8 session yesterday, I have just done a very smooth sales presentation, which I think I have never experienced before. I look forward for the next Trinfinity 8 session next week.”  Mr CK, Real Estate Professional, 4 Aug 2015


Balanced Energy, Better Health

“Previously, my TCM doctor said that I had “restless and irritated pulse”.  He recommended that I should find some ways to relax or meditate. After running few sessions of Trinfinity 8, my TCM doctor commented that my pulse rate is now stable and peaceful. I look forward to continue Trinfinity 8 therapy to improve my health and restore my emotional and energetic balance.” Mrs Lim, 1 Aug 2015



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