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Flying Star Life Destiny System


Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui System

The Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui System is one of the more known system of feng shui used by some feng shui practitioner.  However, there are few practitioners who use the Flying Stars as a system of destiny or character reading.

Many Chinese or Western metaphysical systems can be used for destiny or character reading. They each provide a window for us to peek into the depths of our being. They serve to give us more insights into various aspects of the complex infinite being that we are. Most of the systems are discovered based on some basic fundamentals of metaphysics and validated over centuries of accumulated case studies.

In current period, since the year 2004, you will  notice a lot more new systems of destiny or character reading has surfaced. This is because the 8th period in the flying star system is one that will support and grow metaphysical interest and developments. Many individuals will feel inspired to create new systems of destiny and character reading based on the fundamentals of metaphysics.

The main challenge that these newer systems of reading has against older established systems, such as Ba Zi system or Zi Wei Duo Shu System, is the period of testing and the size of data base that the newer systems are tested on.  Despite the short coming in the area of being time tested, we cannot totally write off these newer systems as they still provide interesting insights into some aspects of our life.


The Flying Star Life Destiny Reading System

This system was developed only in the recent years but provides very interesting insights for people. We will usually use it for character analysis, providing insights into your strengths and weaknesses. With such insights, you can better adjust your personal thinking and actions accordingly, hence resulting in more successes in life.

There are all together nine flying stars, with two genders. Each gender with specific flying star as the base element will have have certain dominant characteristics.  When your date and time of birth is input into the flying star chart, your areas of strength and weaknesses and your character traits will become clear.

The Flying Star Life Destiny Reading System can also tell the major luck cycle and also the annual luck cycle for individuals in various areas of life, such as siblings, spouse, children, wealth, health, career, superiors.

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