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Feng Shui Tips for Office

There are many factors that determine the level of positive Feng Shui energy in our office space and we offer a full range of commercial consultation services for you.

Here are some basic advice that you should keep in mind when it comes to Feng Shui in the work environment.

Location, Location, Location

From a Feng Shui perspective, good office location does not mean being in a prime area like the CBD or conveniently beside an MRT station. Instead, it refers to the right surrounding factors, such as nature of the land-form that complies with the orientation of the property.

The location of the main door is also very important as it determine the type of energy entering your work premises. Not only that, the Feng Shui energy from the surrounding buildings could very well affect your business as well!

Remember, if you are searching for office space for business expansion, do not just focus on the cost and convenience of the location but also pay strong attention to the Feng Shui before committing to a location. Your business operations can only prosper and sustain with well managed Feng Shui energy in your office space!

Tidy Up Your Work Space

You might not be aware of this, but wealth can be enhanced by de-cluttering your desk and office and establishing an order. The productive Feng Shui energy are not able to flow smoothly with too much “stuff” on your desk or in your office, blocking its movement!

Good energies can easily yield bad results when the environment is polluted. A large portion of Feng Shui success in work place is contributed by a neat, tidy, clean, bright and unobstructed environment within the office.  Try tidying up your desk and office by clearing everything and only leaving the items that you use everyday on. Other items such as folders and documents should be stored in a cabinet or drawer somewhere else.

Also take care of other environment factors such as bad smell and noise. If you have a toilet within the office, make sure that it is kept clean. Do not leave food overnight in office as it will create unnecessary bad smell within the enclosed office environment. Should have any water features in the office, make sure that the water feature does not create too much noise.

Desk Position in Your Office

With regards to the interior, there will be direct  impact on the productivity and well-being of your staff members. There could be areas within the work environment that could potentially cause higher level of sickness among the staff increasing the rate of medical leave applications or being less productive at work. Inappropriate placement of certain items could also result in disharmony within the business work space.

Frequent arguments may result, high level of bad debts could also have causes rooted in inappropriate Feng Shui setup. The appropriate Feng Shui setup will harness the auspicious energies within the environment to create harmony, sales and profits for the company.

There are many recorded cases where businesses thrive simply because they have shifted to auspicious Feng Shui environments.

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