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Residential Feng Shui Services

This Feng Shui Consultation service is suitable for all homeowners in any housing types and people interested in property investment. Residential Feng Shui is a very important factor in boosting the longevity and greater harmony among your family members and yourself. With better energy flow within the household, both the mental and physical health of the family will be improved, creating a heightened level of personal, professional and educational success.

If you are looking to investing in property, this service will also be very applicable for you and the location and internal energy flow of the property is crucial in making a profit from your investment. If you plan on renting out the property, positive Feng Shui energy also ensures that you have good relations with your tenants.

This Service Will Benefit If You Are:

  • Desire to enhance your health and wealth within your living environment
  • Considering buying a houses
  • Thinking of renovating your current house
  • Facing a rough patch and looking for ways to rectify the situation at home
  • Having difficulties with your career, studies or health

Residential Feng Shui Consultation Includes:

  • Precise determination of property orientation
  • Construction of property’s natal chart
  • Full interior analysis of the property
  • Advice of ideal direction and location of property
  • Consultation of auspicious dates and time to move in, renovate or rent out your property
  • Recommendations for favorable placement of furniture
  • Full assessment of plans after changes have been made

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