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Life Destiny Reading


Do you believe that your Life Destiny has already been fixed or your Life Destiny is designed by yourself?

For those who believe in reincarnation, you will not be unfamiliar with the idea of you having sat down with your spiritual guides to plan the experiences your soul’s desires to experience in physical human form. In this sense, your destiny is pre-designed and pre-determined by you, with your guides, prior to your physical birth. Once you enter into physical dimension of human childbirth, you would likely have forgotten the plans you have designed for this lifetime. This is part of the rules of the game of physical life, to make it fun.

Other the other end, we have another group of people who do not believe in destiny. You are likely to be an individual who believe only in yourself and in controlling your own destiny by your own efforts and your will power. You believe that you create your destiny by the choices you make now. You do not want anyone to tell you what is in your destiny.

The last group will be the ones who do not really know if there is such thing as destiny or not. If you belong to this group, people may you do not know.

All three groups are right in their own rights. The debate on whether Destiny exist or not can go on and on and on and on….


Knowing Your  Feng Shui Luck Cycle

Rather than looking at your destiny, which is so debatable, what if your focus is to study and analyse your luck cycle instead? One’s Luck Cycle can be seen as the Natural Flow of One’s Energy System at different time periods of time.

If you are aware of the luck cycle you are in, you will be able to plan your life along with the natural flow of your personal energy system at different time periods of your life.


How to Handle Low Luck Cycle?

When a person is aware that he is down in luck cycle, he can consciously choose to conserve his energies and resources and defer investments decisions and business expansions. He can then plan and time his business expansions and investments decisions along with the natural change of his personal energy into a higher luck cycle.

Also, when a person is aware of his low luck cycle ahead of its time, he is able to take remedial actions to provide a soft cushion for the crash of his luck.

For example, the person can leverage on his existing luck and financial resources to get his home and office fengshui aligned by a qualified fengshui practitioner.  The person can also start to tune up his personal energy system or luck through various ways available.


How to Handle High Luck Cycle?

A person can potentially reach greater heights of successes when he is aware that he is running high on luck.  When you are aware that you luck is high, you can invest more aggressively and also start new businesses or expand your existing business aggressively.

Imagine how much more you could achieve when you are aware of your high luck cycle and have the confidence to push yourself to greater heights?


How to Know My Life Destiny and My Feng Shui Luck?

There are many ways, which provides insights into your Destiny and your luck cycle. Below is an none exhaustive list of systems which allows you to take peeps into your Destiny and Luck Cycle:

1. Ba Zi System

2. Zi Wei Dou Shu System

3. Palmistry System

4. Face Reading System

5. Flying Star System

6. Numerology System

7. Astrology System

8. Thai Astrology System