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Feng Shui Challenges in Modern Apartments



Been busy these few months, juggling between helping clients search for ideal feng shui homes and my travel schedules. Good feng shui homes are hard to come by. Many a times, we will get good factors together with some not so good factors. We have to compromise and use feng shui design to transform the not so good energies to avoid harm to occupants of the homes.


Modern day feng shui masters are faced with new challenges when helping clients search for good feng shui homes in new modern buildings. Have you ever noticed that newer apartments in Singapore take on unusual shapes and slants and designs?


A client asked if I can help him look for a good feng shui home based on floor plans and apartment facing from google map. This is a common practise by many feng shui practitioners in modern days, because modern technologies such as google earth and google map has made it possible to view and estimate the orientation of properties from the internet.


But, is feng shui really possible to be assessed purely from floor plans and google maps?


Recently, on our first physical viewing appointment in a new apartment in down town CBD area, I showed the client the luopan (feng shui compass) reading at the main door of the apartment. Then we went to the balcony door of the same apartment and took another measurement. The two luopan readings taken at main door and at balcony door differs by 90 degree!


The client understood immediately that feng shui assessments cannot be performed purely based on paper. Physical visit and physical measurements is always necessary to ensure all non visible, energetic factors are accounted for.


Have you been trying to work out your own feng shui setup based on floor plans and google maps? If so, it might be worth your effort to take a physical measurement of orientation prior to making any feng shui changes.  If you need any advises or assistance, please feel free to contact us at 9889 5654 or email to .


Seasons Greetings,

Dorisq Tan

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