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Tarot Card Reading


Tarot – A Popular Western Divinatory System

The Tarot is a deck of (most commonly) 78 cards with pictures that is very popular in western metaphysics for divinatory purposes. It usually contains 22 Trumps (also known as major arcanas) and 56 pips (also known as minor arcanas) in 4 suits, namely: Coins, Wands, Cups and Swords – corresponding with the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

History and Mechanics of Tarot

The exact history of Tarot remains a mystery, with various authors and occult writers tracing the origins to Ancient Egypt. There are however, stronger support that the Tarot originated as Рим что посмотреть a playing card game in the 15th century Europe, and slowly evolved to become the divinatory system that is popular to date.

The cards have images that reflects and captures the different stages of our lives and universal moments, then consistently potray these moments of archetypal symbolism in pictures. As humans, we tend to react to the cards or images in a certain way because it represents archetypes, and it is through this collective information that we can use to help interpret our situation.

Some have credited the accuracy of Tarot to synchronicity, while others believe that the Tarot images are macrocosm reflected through symbolism in microcosmic awareness, and that the microcosm is in accordance with the macrocosm. Which basically means that the world, universe or everything in existence, can be reflected in miniature (or through the symbolic/pictorial representation of Tarot), and that the portend or omen reflected is in conformity with the universe.

Images and symbols appearing within a card allows the interpretation of energy into messages that the universe has to convey to you. Tempting as it is to refer to set meanings for interpretation- know that while a set of divinatory meanings may be attached to a Tarot card, the Tarot actually works best by the images it contains.

When reading the Tarot, although the set divinatory meaning may provide a quick reference, it is usually the image on the card and possible links within the spread that catches the Tarot Reader’s attention and helps bring further insight and clarity into the reading.

Why Tarot?

While the Tarot reading can be used to tell the future, the strength of this system is actually in the present. The Tarot reading can help us to develop self-awareness and allows us a glimpse and understanding of our subconscious, showing us a perspective that we could not, or sometimes just do not want to see.

In times of turmoil or confusion, the Tarot reading can help by laying out the situation plainly in front of us, helping us to more clearly identify our situation and choices, and reminding us of the potential pitfalls that exits.

It is important to remember that the Tarot reading should not be used to avoid responsibility for a choice, but it can definitely show you the pros and cons of a decision. A Tarot Reader can help to craft the questions you ask during a reading so that you can get the best information you need to proceed. Remember that ultimately, you have to make your own choice to direct your life.

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