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Business Feng Shui Tips Every Business Owner Must Know!

The story of a real live Feng Shui audit case went like this….

Feng Shui Master : Do you know why the existing business owner wants to give up this restaurant business?

Client : He says he is too old and would like to retire. Therefore he is putting the business up for take-over.

Feng Shui Master : Really? Has he been in this business for the last twenty years that he is thinking of retirement now?

Client : No, existing owner only operated for two years and would like to retire now.

Feng Shui Master : This restaurant is loosing money. This is the real reason why the existing owner wants to quit. He did not start a business to realise he should retire only after two years of operations.

Client : Oh really? I did not think of this point before.

Feng Shui Master : The shop front is naturally tilted at an angle that attracts inauspicious energies. The door where customers enters is only suitable for businesses in beauty and academic subjects. For restaurant business, this door will not bring wealth. The cashier counter also is sitting on the sector where there is no wealth.

Client : So, Master, should I take over this business?

Feng Shui Master : No, if there is no remedies done. Yes, if you are willing to tilt the door to an angle that attracts business success.


Before you get all excited about any new business ventures and commit to take up any business spaces, always go through the following checklist before you make your decision :

1. Always find out why the previous business owner is quitting. Usually the business owner and their property agents may not tell you, the prospective take-over client, the truth. So, based on whatever they tell you, always conduct independent checks.

2. Get independent inspections and checks done by :

(i) Conducting market survey in the location to observe the crowd, if there is a crowd, and if the crowd enters which shop.

(ii) Get qualified Feng Shui Master that you trust to do an inspection to validate the existing situation of current owner, and determine if there is any Feng Shui causes for business failure.

3. If there is any Feng Shui causes for business failure, ask Feng Shui Master if the causes can be remedied? Can the Feng Shui be changed or can the Feng Shui Master turn the situation around?

4. If Feng Shui Master is confident with turning around the situation, ask for the estimated date selections for renovation and official opening, before you commit for any premises. Never commit for any location without seeking out the possible date selection for renovation and official opening of business. Rental usually starts running after the lease commence. You do not want to start the lease if there is no auspicious dates for you to start your renovation and for official business opening.

5. Keep your cool. Run a check to see if you have all the necessary business resources and knowledge to run the business.

6. Then you start negotiating the take-over deal.

May you start your  business on the right foot with proper Feng Shui considerations and may you leverage on the powers of universal energies of Feng Shui to achieve business successes!



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