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Five Elements & Business Industries

The 5 Elements and Business Industries


Metal Element industries include finance, banking, jewellery, gold, iron, metal industry, car, computer, security, military, weapons, surgeon, knife, cutlery, fengshui, etc….

Water Element industries include travel, transportation, import & export, cold room business, temporary storage, logistics, air line company, lawyers, writers, etc….

Wood Element industries include academic, education, book publishing, paper, stationery, writer, medicine, pharmacy, selling and planting trees, etc…

Fire Element industries include electricity, electrical, electronics, stove, selling gas, chemical, cigarettes, chilli, etc…

Earth Element industries include real estate, construction material, mountain, minerals, security company, places of worship, religious organizations, agriculture, agriculture products, ceramics, farmers, landscaping, etc…


When Different Elements Mix – In cases where the industry may involve or be represented by various elements, the trick is to pick the most dominant element.  Feng Shui does not restrict itself to only the classifications of 5 elements, it is very much also seeking to achieve a delicate balance of the yin and the yang energies.





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