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Colors & Business Feng Shui

Colors That Help You Apply Feng Shui to Your Business Logo

We are visual people and gather more from what we see than what our other senses pick up. This is applicable both to our personal and professional life. Now, when you venture into business territory, your sole aim is to gather clientele and be a reliable factor in the eyes of others. Question is – How do you make a credible start? You do so by fashioning out a good company name, a website and a logo design. The lattermost, especially, has to be crafted with your vision, your foresight and some help from Feng Shui principles.

The 5 Elements

The 5 Elements – The science of Feng Shui has ordained different colors into different categorical elements.  For convenience, there are five principle elements, namely, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth elements. Each and every business directly relates to one or more of these elements and you ought to choose a harmonious color for your logo.

The 5 Elements and Colors:

Metal Element can be represented by metallic colors like gold or silver and also white.

Water Element can be represented by the colors black, grey or blue.

Wood Element can be represented by green.

Fire Element can be represented by Red.

Earth Element can be represented by Yellow.

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