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Feng Shui Explanation for Sleeping Under Beams

Beams over Ceiling & False Ceilings

Houses and flats are built with pillars and beams as support structure to keep the entire building up. Our typical homes in Singapore are high rise buildings and the beams and pillars run throughout the entire building, across different levels. They form the core structure to keep the building sturdy.

Many a times, we will find beams across various parts of ceilings in our high rise urban homes. Sometimes, we may even find beams right across the bedrooms or living room. From feng shui perspective, we will never advise anyone to sleep or sit under beams. This is not superstitious beliefs if you understand how energy flows naturally.


The Energy Explanation

Energy naturally moves straight when there is no obstruction in its path. However, when energy meets with an object of obstruction, it will spread and move to areas where there is no obstruction. If you cannot imagine how energy looks like, perhaps you can imagine how wind flows, or you can refer to illustration 1 below, to have a clearer idea of energy flow.

In the picture above, the persons sleeping on that bed will experience pains or discomforts at the head and shoulders area. This is due to constant pressure exerted from the energy that has been diverted downwards from the beam above.  Whichever body parts that are exposed to the location where energy gets diverted downwards will experience pain and discomfort over time.


In our next post, we will share more about beams and what to avoid and how to counter the energy pressure from beams….stay with us..

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