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Colours That Help You Apply Feng Shui to Your Business Logo


We are visual people and gather more from what we see than what our other senses do. This is applicable both to our personal and professional life. Now, when you venture into business territory, your sole aim is to gather clientele and be a reliable factor in the eyes of others. Question is – How do you make a credible start? You do so by fashioning out a good company name, a website and a logo design. The lattermost, especially, has to be crafted with intuition, foresight and some help from Feng Shui principles.

The 5 Elements

The science of Feng Shui has ordained different colors into different categorical elements.  For convenience, there are five principle elements, namely, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth elements. Each and every business directly relates to one or more of these elements and you ought to choose a harmonious color for your logo.

Synopsis of Colours

Metal Element can be represented by metallic colors like gold or silver and also white.  Water Element can be represented by the colors black, grey or blue. Wood Element can be represented by green.  Fire Element can be represented by Red. Earth Element can be represented by Yellow.

Synopsis of Industries

Metal Element industries include finance, banking, jewelry, gold, iron, metal industry, car, computer, security, military, weapons, surgeon, knife, cutlery, fengshui, etc….

Water Element industries include travel, transportation, import & export, cold room business, temporary storage, logistics, air line company, lawyers, writers, etc….

Wood Element industries include academic, education, book publishing, paper, stationery, writer, medicine, pharmacy, selling and planting trees, etc…

Fire Element industries include electricity, electrical, electronics, stove, selling gas, chemical, cigarettes, chilli, etc…

Earth Element industries include real estate, construction material, mountain, minerals, security company, places of worship, religious organizations, agriculture, agriculture products, ceramics, farmers, landscaping, etc…

When Different Elements Mix

In cases where too many elements mix with each other, say in hotel business, the trick is to pick the most dominant factor (travel and relaxation is the key in hotel line). Blue, Grey and Black are perfect colours to represent water element for the hotel industry. So much for the colours! Feng Shui does not restrict itself to that and demands accreditation from yin yang theory and also seeks balance. Different colours tend to control others and so both the controller and controlled may be used to enhance chances of success in the business. Orange, for instance, controls white in a definite manner.

The Impact of Shapes

Theory is to create a logo with harmonious colours and not contradicting ones, which may affect growth of the business or render it stagnant. Feng Shui also deals with the shapes you choose for your logo. Shapes can also represent the various elements. The choice of shape in your company logo should align with the element that your industry represents.

Metal Element can be represented Round or Spherical shape. Water Element can be represented Wavy and Irregular shapes. Wood Element can be represented by Rectangular shape. Fire Element can be represented by Triangular or Sharp pointing shapes. Earth Element can be represented by Square shape.

Harmonize, NOT Contradict

Remember to choose shapes and colors that harmonize with your industry and not contradict. Contradicting energies may potentially create difficult situations, arguments, fights and attract challenging customers for your business.

Assessment is Critical

Cutting short, you should first assess the exact nature of your business and what principle element does it take to in majority. You can then choose among the colours relating to that element. You can then choose among the colors relating to that element. You should also, as the proprietor of the business, do remember also to balance the business logo with your birth element.

It may also help to assess the business logos of successful enterprises and check out why they prospered. Nike, for instance, uses the tick mark as a symbol, which indicates upward flow. Simple yet effective!

Keep Experimenting

It must be kept in mind that science of Feng Shui keeps reinventing itself and is too complicated to such easy assessments. Thus, you should be on your toes, evaluating the success patterns of your logo and also discuss the same with your fellows; especially the learned ones. With the cumulative help, you should be able to cut an interesting and effective business logo.


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