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8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Feng Shui to Enhance Business

A wide number of businessmen vie for exponential success; but only a few turn into emphatic entrepreneurs; people who envision their business, take their own risks and responsibility. Of course, lots of sincerity, dedication, hard work and vision go into it, but no less is the mark of attention for details, decisions taken at the right time and systematic strategies. Feng Shui can help cultivate these qualities in you, if you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur. There are ways to it. Here is a look:

  1. Define your working space – Your office, typically your room, is your route to success. The door to your office should be located in an auspicious direction, hence bringing in auspicious energies into your room. Each sector of your office has different energies. You have to sit in the location where the auspicious energies are. Your seat can be further boosted by placing simple objects to enhance the auspicious energies there.
  2. Brief your employees exactly – It is your employees who will put their sweat and blood for Thus, they should be made to understand their job and its scopes with clarity. Confused employees tend to gather lot of negative qi and become lethargic; never a good sign. Of course, you should treat them with incentives at intervals to keep the interest going. A happy employee often leads to a growing enterprise.
  3. Choose logo discreetly – A smart business logo not only emphasizes your company in a compact manner, it also brings into fold more clients. The choice of colors and shapes in your company logo should be aligned with the elements that will support your business or the business owners.
  4. Treat your site – The site theme should be in conjunction with Feng Shui principles. Again, the choice of color theme and use of shapes and symbols should be aligned with the key elements that your business or the business owner.
  5. Make most out of constricted space – If you don’t have copious space for your office, be sure to determine the energies of various sectors in your office accurately. Place your staff to sit only in auspicious sectors. The key to good staff performance is to match the roles of each staff with the energies of various sectors of the office. For example, a staff that is in charge of design and creative work should be placed in the sector where the energies promote creativity. Sales staff should be placed in sector with more competitive energies. Managers whom need to lead groups of people should be placed in the energies of authority where they will receive respect and able to lead and execute their roles well.
  6. Use water element – Water element is reckoned as most conducive to business growth and profits. However, be careful when choosing and placing water features in your office. Most people would see water as water element. However, very few people are aware that the nature of water flow actually determines the element of the water feature. Always choose the right type of water flow to enhance the auspicious wealth energies within your office.
  7. The power of happiness – Feng Shui gives enough credence to the feeling of happiness. Remember how Harry Potter could produce a Patronus just by conjuring an exceeding happy thought. Harmonize all conflicting energies within each sector of the office to create a sense of peace and happiness for the people using those spaces.
  8. Think and view big – As the business owner, your vision and foresight will determine the direction and growth of your organization. Hence, it is very important for the owner and the key personnel in the company to be seated in auspicious sectors in the office. Should key personnel or business owner be seated in inauspicious sectors, they are likely to be influenced by the inauspicious energies and attract bad opportunities and make wrong business decisions.

Of course, the Power of elements and Yin Yang theory add more gravity to the Feng Shui influence in your dream to be a successful entrepreneur. Remember that while Feng Shui induction may create amenable environment for you to prosper, your success will ultimately depend on your acumen and the hard work you put into it. Learn to love your employees and beget the same from them. Nurture a feeling of camaraderie and be expansive. This will help in a plausible growth of your clientele.

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