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Blazing a Trail of Passion….

The acts of of a man, in his passion and obligations towards his country, his countrymen and women, had touched many more lives along his way…Mr Lee Kuan Yew is indeed a global man, a leader of humanity whom impacted lives everywhere he went.

I guess many of us didn’t know how much Mr Lee had accomplished and how much we love, respect and appreciate him until he is gone. I see all the online and offline tributes to Mr Lee Kuan Yew as celebrations for the lifework of an unusual man instead of mourning for his death.

Here are my personal take aways from the celebrations of Mr Lee’s life and his accomplishments ….

– Find what inspires me, and play full out at it. Even if it may mean to look crazy or harsh in the eyes of others, only I will know why I do what I choose to do.

– Look not at what outcomes I desire to see for my personal gains, but focus on the impacts that I may create in others lives.

– Stand up and stand tall with an iron resolve to pursue that which inspires my heart… I may be tested with adversities to make decisions and take actions that may not please everyone, But when I look deep into my heart, I always know why I am doing what I choose to do.


Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew for blazing a trail that makes our journey into our passion easier!




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